Vehicle Trackers

All of our commercial vehicles were fitted with a Box Telematics tracker in May 2013 by Interactive Communications, a Sheffield-based company specialising in vehicle tracking (  

We decided to install trackers to aid in our on-going commitment to improving our energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint and also to help us provide the best […]

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Did You Know?

If you laid the pillowcases out end to end that Abbey Glen has washed and delivered to our customers over the past 12 months they would reach as far as Mount Etna in Sicily.  That’s a total of 3.3 million pillowcases, reaching approximately 2,200 kilometres.


Mount Etna  Facts

Mount Etna is one of the world’s most active […]

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Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Abbey Glen takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and in-line with our environmental policy, we have recently invested a considerable sum in a Heat Exchanger from Christeyns UK Ltd.

The Heat Exchanger will extract heat from the wastewater produced by our washing cycle and preheat our incoming clean water, reducing the energy requirement to heat the […]

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Abbey Glen Fly High With Young Owls

Abbey Glen are pleased to announce that we are supporting Sheffield Wednesdays, Young Owls, under 9s  team.

With sporting activities being taken up across the country by people of all ages on the back of the success of Team GB in the Olympics. Abbey Glen jumped at the chance of supporting the next generation of […]

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Workwear sales division grows

Abbey Glen’s continued growth in its workwear division based in worksop has seen the appointment of Alistair Finch as workwear sales executive to complement the existing team.

Alistair, along with another recent recruit, Gary Marshall, will spearhead Abbey Glen’s workwear sales division, these further recruitment’s underline Abbey Glen’s commitment to growth despite the continuing economic woes.

Alistair […]

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Investment continues at Abbey Glen

Abbey Glen continues to defy the economic downturn with conituned investment at both of their sites in Doncaster and Worksop.

Over the recent months, our Doncaster HQ, we has seen the arrival of three new pieces of finishing machinary from leading industry suppliers, Kannegiesser, H J Wier and Armstrongs.

In addition, Abbey Glen has commited to expanding […]

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New Abbey Glen website is live

As of today (19th October), the new Abbey Glen website is live, we hope that you find the new layout easier to navigate.

To finish our bright, new look, we also have a new logo that can be found everywhere from here,  our staff uniforms, our website, our factory signage and eventually, our fleet.

CommercialDirector, Paul Hogan, […]

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Abbey Glen’s Founder

Abbey Glen laundry service was founded in 1900 by Albert Youle. The company quickly became known for its attention to detail and first class service. Amongst its first customers were Chatsworth House and The Savoy Hotel.

The very original wicker basket that was used to make laundry deliveries all those years ago, still resides in the Abbey […]

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Abbey Glen 100 years of laundry service

Welcome to Abbey Glen. Abbey Glen are proud to offer our new website, where you can learn about the services we offer and the history of the laundry industry in Sheffield. Abbey Glen are celebrating over 100 years of Laundry Services, supplying linen for bedding and restaurant tables to the UK’s finest!

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