Email Billing Stops Tree Killing!

Environment-Friendly Emailing Software Now In Use at Abbey Glen
Always striving to modernise and make as little an impact on the environment as we can, we’ve just installed and are starting to use a new software package that takes your invoices and statements and emails them as PDFs rather than printing – saving approximately 2000 […]

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Vehicle Trackers

All of our commercial vehicles were fitted with a Box Telematics tracker in May 2013 by Interactive Communications, a Sheffield-based company specialising in vehicle tracking (  

We decided to install trackers to aid in our on-going commitment to improving our energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint and also to help us provide the best […]

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Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Abbey Glen takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and in-line with our environmental policy, we have recently invested a considerable sum in a Heat Exchanger from Christeyns UK Ltd.

The Heat Exchanger will extract heat from the wastewater produced by our washing cycle and preheat our incoming clean water, reducing the energy requirement to heat the […]

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