Environment-Friendly Emailing Software Now In Use at Abbey Glen

Always striving to modernise and make as little an impact on the environment as we can, we’ve just installed and are starting to use a new software package that takes your invoices and statements and emails them as PDFs rather than printing – saving approximately 2000 sheets of paper and 1000 envelopes each month.

We’ve been trialling it for almost 2 weeks now and are seeing excellent results although, as with all new systems, there are a few teething problems we need to fix. ¬†We hope to use it for real at the end of April for our next full invoicing and statement runs.

Going Green

We estimate that our annual paper usage will reduce by about 220 Kilos and our CO2 emissions will reduce by about 500 kilos per year.

Other Benefits

All invoices and statements should now be delivered the same day that they are produced – for anyone who’s willing and able to receive them electronically.

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