History – Abbey Glen Laundry Services

Abbey Glen is proud to have been providing an immaculate laundry service for well over 100 years.

Humble Beginnings

From our humble beginnings when Albert Youle started providing a laundry service to local people in Sheffield in the late 1890s, using a single handcart to transport people’s washing.  Albert would collect people’s dirty laundry and provide a full wash and deliver service – all with his handcart.  Now we employ over 150 staff and operate 26 delivery vehicles across our 2 sites, providing Commercial Laundry Services to Hotels, Restaurants, Factories, Garages, Retirement Homes… the list goes on and on…

The Abbey Glen Steam Laundry Company – Coniston Road, Sheffield

Built between 1899 and 1900, the laundry on Coniston Road was built specifically for the purpose of providing laundry services to Sheffield and surrounding areas.  We started trading from the new premises on 19th November 1900 after completion of building work and the appointment of a manageress.  Our first advertisement said:

The Abbey Glen Laundry has been specially designed and constructed and is now prepared to undertake all classes of laundry work at the lowest prices compatible with the best work. The buildings are commodious, thoroughly ventilated and built on best sanitary principles. Only the latest and most approved machinery has been installed such as will not injure the finest fabrics. No injurious materials of any kind are used in our premises. The proprietors have confidence in respectfully soliciting the support of the public. Price lists on application.

We remained in these premises until 2010 when we moved into our newer, larger premises in Doncaster – a site which has now become our main processing site and our new Head Office.

Expansion, Incorporation & Renaming

Over the coming years, The Abbey Glen Steam Laundry Company became incorporated as Abbey Glen Laundry Co. Ltd in 1919 and around the same time bought the local Snowite Laundry, which was operating out of a grand Victorian house that had been built by a Sheffield Cutlery firm.  We also bought The Worksop Laundry Company and still operate from its premises, which now makes up our Workwear division and provides the processing of some of our specialist and coloured linens.

In 1989, we renamed to Abbey Glen Ltd and have remained so ever since.