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         Welcome to

      Abbey Glen Ltd

Mission Statement

Abbey Glen are proud to be one of the first and remaining independent laundries in the UK. Since the 1890’s we have aimed to make linen easier for our customers and continue to do that today, by providing a good service at a good price. We are a similar business in ethos to the one in the 1890’s, we are just much more modern in our approach after heavy investment in equipment and staff.


We value the relationships that we have with our customers and see them more as partnerships rather than a ‘customer / supplier’ one. We look to develop long term relationships and nothing is too difficult. Our staff are available 24/7 and a genuine commitment to customer service has been at the heart of our business since the 1890’s.


We aim to make Abbey Glen a sensible, enjoyable business that has gradual and reasonable growth, develops long lasting partnerships with suppliers and customers, that doesn’t oversell and is a place that staff enjoy working.

Laundries, in essence, are all the same. They have machinery, they have linen, but what separates Abbey Glen is the people. We make our place of work enjoyable, people look forward to coming into work each day and this translates into the relationships we have with our customers.

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