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Abbey Glen is a privately owned business which dates back to the 1800's. Originally founded in Sheffield by Mr Albert Youle, the business remains in the ownership of the same family headed up by the fourth generation Executive Chairman, Mr Tim Sempers. The Board, which includes both fourth and fifth generation family members, work alongside three key Senior Directors who run the business on a day to day basis. These Executive Directors have oversight of all areas of the business and are supported by a dedicated and extremely loyal team of management and staff. 

Our Operational Directors
David Horsfield

Managing Director

David has worked for Abbey Glen since 2003. As a qualified accountant as well as a proven management technician, David has led the company through a key  period of modernisation, investment and substantial growth over the last 15 years. His enthusiasm and strong work ethic flows positively through the culture of the organisation. Any invitation to play golf is always welcome - on-time production allowing! 

Paul Hogan

Commercial Director


Paul joined Abbey Glen in 2009, heading up the Service Operation, having worked within the travel and finance sector for several large companies in the Yorkshire area. Paul swiftly moved through the ranks to become Commercial Manager before being appointed to the Board of Directors as Commercial Director in 2011. Paul builds excellent relationships with customers and leads from the front when setting benchmarks for his team. Any invitation to social events will always see Paul at the front of the queue - first to arrive and always the last to leave, flying the company flag!

Ben West

Operations Director


Ben joined Abbey Glen as Project Manager in 2017 having left a successful early career in the third sector. In October 2018 Ben was appointed to the Board of Directors as Operations Director and currently oversees the evolution and progression of all ‘back office’ elements of the organisation. In his new key role he has been fundamental in implementing the change and growth agendas across the business. Any invitation to power breakfasts and forums will be readily accepted - as long as it doesn't interfere with premiership football!

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